Prior to registering, please review the refund, cancellation, non-resident, and other policies by visiting the website at
Search Refunds then choose Policies.

If you need to do a transfer from one class to another, contact Parks & Recreation Administrative Office at 715-839-5032. (For example; if your son/daughter didn't pass a level 1 swim lesson and you have him enrolled in a level 2 next session, you can call our office and we will do a transfer without a fee, if space available).

To register for classes, select the Registration tab and then select Activities.
To register for youth leagues, select the Registration tab and then select Leagues.

To view classes registered for, go to Account History and enter that season's first day of registration for the start date and today's date for the end date.

NOTE: Swim lesson registration closes at noon the Friday before the first class of each session.